Friday, March 1, 2013

New Spring Monogrammed Wreath

Today I made this Spring Monogrammed Wreath and I am loving it! Hopefully it will hurry Spring along cause I am SOOOO tired of all this snow! 

This wreath was super simple to make! I went to hobby Lobby and purchased a plain stick branch wreath for $5, a white letter C for $2.99, yellow and blue Spray paint and a few different small pieces of black and white printed fabric. 

First, I spray painted the wreath and letter C it took about 3 times to completely cover it and less than one can of spray paint (Note: Home Depot has better and cheaper spray paint. I will go there next time!)  Once the wreath was dry I made the Fabric rosettes (instructions below) and hot glued them on the wreath. I tore some extra strips of fabric to put at the top for a little extra cuteness! 

These twisted fabric rosettes are super easy to make. I cut and tore about 2 inch section in my fabric, I didn't measure the exact length but it was about 3 feet long. The I tied a tight knot at one end and glued it to a piece of felt. The size of the felt doesn't matter cause you will trim it off later.

Then you just start twisting and gluing down the fabric every so often. 

When you are almost finished leave a small piece out. Take this piece and glue it to the back side of the felt and trim off all the extra felt.

 I have a button maker so I made some matching 1 inch buttons and glued the on top of the rosettes but you could use regular buttons or just nothing at all would be cute too.

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Happy Spring! (almost) 

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